Used books

Book Exchange of Foley

We accept almost any book for trade discounts.

Here's a list of the types of books we pay cash for

All books must have covers and be free of mold, heavy dust, bugs, pet hair and mildew

Here’s a list of some of the books we buy and offer store credit for:

Select engineering and technical books

Select fantasy and sci-fi books, current, rare or those such as Warhammer

Current release fiction books in print and audio books

Select graphic novel collections

Leather bound books and select specialty bibles

Current business books

Children's chapter books and Harry Potter

Current Christian Books

Dungeons & Dragons, GURPS and role-playing books

Select (in demand) natural healing books

Select history, such as war, civil war, WWII and O'Reilly's killing books

Law Books, state law book sets, excludes old law text book unless antiquarian

Mystery paperback books

Select book collections on topics like photography, aviation, trains, guns, survival and how to art books

Current release romance novels, often excludes Harlequin and silhouette

Stephen King first editions

Collectable, limited or current gaming strategy guides

Select teen fiction books

Select autographed books

Current test prep books

Text books and access codes 2017 or newer

Leather bound books like Easton Press and select leather bound encyclopedias

We are always happy to look at your collection, bring them in anytime we are open.